ACA repeal: Some Republicans ask for more time

Jan. 10, 2017
While Congress appears to be moving forward on ACA repeal, several members of the GOP are raising concerns about repealing the law without a comprehensive replacement strategy. The House Freedom Caucus is calling for more information on what repeal and replacement would look like before voting on the 2017 budget that would include includes Obamacare repeal instructions. “We need to slow down the process so we can understand a little bit more the specific and timetable of replacement votes and reconciliation instructions, etc.," said Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (N.C.).

Additionally, Republican Sens. Bob Corker (Tenn.), Rob Portman (Ohio), Susan Collins (Maine), Bill Cassidy (La.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) have filed an amendment that would extend the deadline for congressional committees to pull together a repeal and replacement plan ― via the budget reconciliation process ― from Jan. 27 to March 3. "By providing more time to come up with legislative solutions, we have a better opportunity to produce a thoughtful, workable replacement that ensures Americans have access to affordable, diverse insurance plans that meet their needs," Sen. Collins said in a statement.

The Senate is expected to vote on budget resolution amendments this week. It is unclear if the Senators’ filed amendment or the Freedom Caucus’ concerns will have an impact on the timing of the repeal and replace process.