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Triggers: What can cause eczema to flare?

Trigger: Anything that aggravates your child’s skin can either:

  • Make eczema appear on the skin

  • Worsen existing eczema

Know your triggers

Everyday things can cause eczema to suddenly appear or worsen, so it’s important to know what triggers your child’s eczema.

3 key facts about eczema triggers

  1. Many things can trigger eczema — including dry air, sweat, and stress.

  2. A trigger that causes one child’s eczema to flare may not cause another child’s eczema to flare.

  3. As a child grows older, eczema triggers can change.

Eczema triggers

A trigger cannot cause anyone to get eczema. When someone has eczema, a trigger can make eczema appear or worsen.

How you can help your child

When a child has eczema, the child’s skin is extremely sensitive. The more sensitive the skin, the more susceptible it is to triggers. While finding triggers is important, you’ll see the best results when you follow these steps:

  1. Follow an eczema friendly skin care plan

  2. Use eczema medicines and therapies as directed

  3. Manage your child’s triggers

Where to find triggers

Expert tips for challenging triggers

Fast track it: Quiz and expert tips

Are you ready to manage your child's eczema triggers?

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