Skin dictionary: Letter L

Learn the meaning of words that tell you more about your skin, hair, and nails.
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Tiny bugs that like to live in your hair. Lots of children get them. They spread when kids put their heads together or share things like hats, combs and brushes.

Lidocaine (ly-doh-kane)
A medicine used in creams and ointments to stop pain.

Light therapy (lite ther-a-pee)
A treatment with lights used by skin doctors (dermatologists) to help skin diseases such as eczema.

Lunula (loon-yoo-la)
The little white half-moon shape on your nail nearest your skin. You might only be able to see it on your thumbnails, or not at all.

Lyme disease (lime diz-eez)
A type of disease that you can get if you get bitten by a certain type of tick. It may cause a red, donut-shaped (or bull's-eye) rash. A tick is a tiny, round bug that can attach itself to you when you're walking through the woods. Wear long pants and bug spray to keep them away from your skin.