Skin dictionary: Letter I

Learn the meaning of words that tell you more about your skin, hair, and nails.
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Immune system (im-yoon)
Protects your body from germs and tries to stop you from getting sick. When you have allergies, asthma, or eczema, it means your immune system is overreacting to normal things.

Infection (in-fek-shun)
When germs cause an illness. Some infections can be treated with medicine, such as antibiotics (which treat germs called bacteria) or antifungals (which treat a type of germ called a fungus).

Ingrown toenail (in-grone toe-nail)
This can happen when the side of your toenail grows into your skin, and it can hurt a lot. The best way to prevent it is to cut your toenails straight across.

Irritated (ear-a-tay-ted)
Something that bothers or annoys you. Your skin can be irritated by diseases such as eczema.