Skin dictionary: Letter C

Learn the meaning of words that tell you more about your skin, hair, and nails.
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Cafe-au-lait spot
(ka-fay oh-lay spot)
A type of birthmark that is light brown on light skin, and darker brown on dark skin. It is flat and usually is oval-shaped and can be big or small.

Calamine (kal-a-mine)
A type of lotion or cream that can help stop itching.

Cancer (kan-sur)
A type of disease that happens when the body starts making cells that aren't normal. These cells start growing too quickly.  Cancer can make people very sick and sometimes die.

Cells (sells)
All living things are made of cells, which are the building blocks of life.  Your body is made of billions and billions of cells.

Cleanser (klen-zur)
Something you use to clean your skin that's sort of like soap, but gentler.

Compress (kom-pres)
A cold or hot folded pad or cloth that you put on an injury. Cold compresses are most often used right after you get hurt to help stop swelling and bruising.

Contact dermatitis (kon-takt der-muh-ty-tis)
A type of eczema, a disease that causes itchy, red, irritated skin.  It happens when things you touch - or that touch you - annoy your skin. It can happen to anyone.

Contagious (kon-tay-jus)
Something that can spread from person to person, such as the flu or warts.

Cuticle (cute-ick-l)
The tiny sliver of skin where your nail grows out your finger. It protects the root or the matrix of the nail from germs.

Cyst (sist)
One of the most serious types of pimples.  When blocked pores get super irritated, they can form cysts, which are kind of soft and filled with whitish-yellowish liquid called pus.