Fee Schedule: How will your practice fare in 2019?


Fee Schedule: How will your practice fare in 2019?

The 2019 final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is out, and while dermatology as a specialty will see about a 1% increase in payments overall, how will your individual practice be affected? Check out the Academy’s listing of payment changes to the top dermatologic codes and find out how reimbursement for your mix of services will change.

CMS has also announced that the conversion factor for the 2019 calendar year will increase from $35.9996 to $36.0463. Additionally, CMS accepted the RUC-recommended values for the new CPT codes for tangential, punch, and incisional skin biopsies. The skin biopsy CPT Codes 11100 and 11101 are being discontinued. Stay tuned to DWW for more updates on the 2019 Fee Schedule.

Are you ready for the biopsy coding changes in 2019? Check out DW’s latest iteration of its Cracking the Code column. If you or your practice staff encounter questions about coding, ask an AAD/A expert in the Academy’s Coding Questions community, or explore the Academy’s Coding Resource Center.

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