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November 2011 Dialogues in Dermatology Issue

Stratman, MD ... Laser Therapy of Onychomycosis ... by Markinson, DPM interviewed by Richard K. Scher, MD ... Target Audience: Dermatologists and other health care professionals who wish to access and update their current knowledge

March 2013 Dialogues in Dermatology Issue

March 2013 Dialogues in Dermatology Issue ... Includes 3 Interviews: ... Actinic Keratoses ... by Gary Goldenberg, MD interviewed by Michael Heffernan, MD ... Photodynamic Therapy ... by Nellie Konnikov, MD interviewed by Gary Brauner, MD

Imagining the future

Mar 3, 2014 – An examination of how mobile technology and other advancements will benefit the specialty going forward. ... what dermatologic diagnosis and therapy might look like in 2020 ... TRENDS IN DIAGNOSIS Technology that facilitates patient-doctor communication Jack Lewin, MD, president and CEO of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation and chairmanMore by Jan Bowers

Contact dermatitis: Diagnosis, treatment, and outcome

Dermatologists help patients find what's causing their rash and treat stubborn skin rashes. ... If your dermatologist recommends wet dressings, you’ll receive instructions to help you make these ... If you have an infection, your dermatologist may prescribe an antibiotic. ... Some patients need light therapy to calm

Essentials of Cosmetic Dermatology schedule and faculty

Carolyn Jacob,MD ... 11:15 a. - ... Combination therapies - Amy Derick, MD ... 12:00 p.m. - ... Lunch 1:00 p.m. - ... Blepharoplasty - Steven M. Rotter, MD ... 1:30 p.m. - ... Hair transplantation - Marc Avram, MD ... 2:00 p.m. - ... How would you

Hormonal therapies serve as key adjunct acne treatment

May 1, 2012 – How dermatologists can use oral contraceptives to improve response in patients being treated for acne. ... particularly for resistant acne in Despite that, they are not a first line of therapy and are commonly used in combination with traditional treatments. Other hormonal therapies, namely spironolactone, are increasingly being usedMore by Ruth Carol

A wide view on AKs

Jul 1, 2014 – Dermatology World looks at the cost of treating actinic keratoses and considers what cost-saving measures may result from the adoption of alternative payment models. ... When considering the options for patients who need field therapy, “you start out with the observation that, maybe with the exception of diclofenac, the remaining field therapies have roughly the same, about 80 percent, individualMore by Jan Bowers

Psoriasis: What every resident needs to know

Learn about recent developments in psoriasis. This article highlights three areas deserving of further attention, which may improve patient care. ... psoriasis comorbidities, but the potential for improvement ... Biologic treatments and skin cancer ... With the immunosuppression of the biologic therapies comes the potential for an increase in malignancy, in particular

Melanoma: Who gets and causes

Anyone can get melanoma, but some people have a greater risk. ... Who ... Anyone can get melanoma. Most people who get it have light skin, but people who have brown and black skin also get melanoma. ... Some people have a higher risk of getting melanoma. These people have the following traits

Discovering hope

May 1, 2014 – A feature detailing new targeted and immune therapies for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. ... Discovering hope ... New targeted and immune therapies prolonging survival in metastatic melanoma ... By Jan Bowers, contributing writer,   May 01, 2014 Even in an era of rapid medical advances, the proliferation and the promise of new drugsMore by Jan Bowers

Essentials of Medical Dermatology schedule and faculty

Friday 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm: Registration ... 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm: The clinical-pathologic correlation in medical dermatology – Soon Bahrami, MD ... 1:40 pm to 2:20 pm: Psoriasis: Systemic and Biologic therapies – April Armstrong, MD

Turning the page on atopic dermatitis

Aug 1, 2014 – Dermatology World addresses new guidelines for the management of atopic dermatitis, and the move toward treatment partnerships with patients. ... Turning the page on atopic dermatitis ... New guidelines move toward treatment partnership with patients ... By Jan Bowers, contributing writer,   August 01, 2014 Even after an exhaustive review of the evidence, definitive answers to someMore by Jan Bowers

No magic pill

An examination of photoprotection via oral or injectable antioxidant. ... promise as adjuvant therapies, however, particularly in patients with photosensitive conditions, none have yet demonstrated that they can do more than supplement the protection offered by shade, sun-protective clothing, hats, sunglasses

Different kinds of birthmarks

of these spots, kind of light brown, when they're on On dark skin they can be the color of black coffee. They can be small or big and often are oval-shaped. The spots might fade as you get older, but they probably won't go away

Price wars

May 1, 2014 – An examination of the fight over the cost of new melanoma drugs. ... of the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapy at the Massachusetts General Hospital “Both private insurers and Medicare offer a higher rate of coverage for intravenous medications. As a consequence, ipilimumab, whichMore by Jan Bowers

Battling alopecia areata

May 1, 2012 – How new research in alopecia areata is leading to new treatments for tough cases, and a review of treatment choices for less severe disease. ... Battling alopecia areata ... Gene studies point to more targeted therapies ... By Jan Bowers, contributing writer,   May 01, 2012 Alopecia areata (AA) presents a thorny challenge to dermatologists searching for an It canMore by Jan Bowers

Caring for tattooed skin/AAD

Here are some tips that dermatologists share with their patients who have tattoos. ... a water-based lotion or cream to Petroleum-based products, such as petroleum jelly, can cause the ink to fade. ... Protect your tattoo from the sun: Ultraviolet (UV) light can fade some tattoo inks. When you’re in the sun

Top dermatologists present at Summer Academy Meeting

ldquo;Dermatologic Therapy: Past, Present, and Future.” In his presentation, he will discuss how dermatology has been at the forefront of new drug development, and how those drugs have led the way to new treatments that impact not only skin

Augmenting the naked eye

Mar 1, 2012 – How dermoscopy, total body photography, and relectance confocal microscopy are giving dermatologists a new view of their patients and helping improve their diagnoses. ... of Dermatology, is a specialized technique in which a dermatoscope is used to view subsurface anatomic structures of the epidermis and papillary dermis unobstructed by light reflection, refraction, and diffraction (2003;49:777-97). ... WhileMore by Allison Evans

72nd Annual Meeting: Leaders in Dermatology interview registration

Rogers has written and spoken extensively about surgical and medical treatments for hair loss, including contemporary techniques in hair transplantation, oral and topical treatments, and the use of low-level light therapy for hair growth

February 2013 Dialogues in Dermatology Issue

At the conclusion of this learning activity, participants should be able to: ... 1.Differentiate between the clinical subsets of morphea and identify appropriate first- ... 2.Differentiate dermatologic conditions with similar

October 2013 Dialogues in Dermatology Issue

diagnose, and manage skin cancer in organ transplant recipients on ... CME credit is only available to purchasers. CME expires September 2016 ... Accreditation Statement The American Academy of Dermatology is accredited

April 2014 Dialogues in Dermatology Issue

their current knowledge ... Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this learning activity, participants should be able to: ... ● Describe a combination therapy approach in treating the various stages of acne. ... ● Describe

Tretinoin tea and tomato paste

Feb 1, 2011 – A review of evidence related to photoprotection and photoaging, including discussion of vitamins C and E. ... therapy, and organ transplant recipients all can benefit from Unfortunately, the results in the general population have been somewhat less impressive.” [pagebreak] ... The role of topical use of retinoids in preventingMore by Jan Bowers

Dial it up for transplant patients

Sep 1, 2014 – Dermatology World explores dermatology's role in managing transplant patients. ... field therapy, ... Field treatments include photodynamic therapy, topical 5-fluoruracil, and chemo wraps, where topical 5-fluorouracil is used under occlusion. “Those treatments are very, very helpful for bringing diffuse actinicMore by Diane Donofrio Angelucci