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Skin cancer screening program


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Since its inception in 1985, the skin cancer screening program has educated millions of people about the importance of sun protection and early cancer detection. Most importantly, it has directly saved lives by identifying melanomas in their earliest, most treatable stage.

To date, dermatologists have volunteered to conduct more than 2.4 million skin cancer screenings and have detected more than 238,000 suspicious lesions, including more than 26,500 suspected melanomas. Member volunteers are critical to the success of this life-saving program.

The AAD provides the following materials to volunteers who conduct skin cancer screenings: Screening forms, an educational flyer, skin cancer handout, AAD SkinCancerNet bookmarks, and several posters.

Visit the links below to order your materials. By completing an order form and indicating it is a public screening, the information about your screening will automatically be advertised to the public on the Academy's website and toll-free hotline.

In addition to the AAD-supplied materials, plan to bring clipboards, pens, gowns, latex gloves, mirrors, magnifying glasses, and additional lighting, if possible.

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