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Implementation of ICD-10 may seem overwhelming, but practices can achieve compliance by the Oct. 1 deadline by breaking up the to-dos over several months. Note that the following advice should be tailored to the needs of your practice depending on your stage of readiness. Additional practical guidance is available at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) provider resources page.

Starting out

What is your practice’s current situation? If you have started your implementation plan, congratulations! If not, don’t delay, start today! Because your practice’s readiness effort will likely depend on a number of external factors and stakeholders, it is critical to begin with an assessment of where you currently stand.

A good litmus test when tackling ICD-10 is how the practice handles billing. The timetable below and on the following pages offers advice based on the following three scenarios:
  1. If billing is handled internally and claims are filed electronically, then your external efforts and periodic outreach efforts will focus on your EHR/PMS vendor, clearinghouse, and payers.
  2. If the practice files its own paper claims, your efforts should concentrate on your payers, and specifically on how they will be handling paper claims processing.
  3. If the practice relies on an outside billing company, then your efforts should focus on their efforts to become complaint while the practice focuses on coding education and training.