2014 Legislative Conference highlights

Nearly 140 dermatologists, residents,  patients advocates and representatives from the Association of Dermatology Managers/Administrators and the Dermatology Nurses Association gathered in Washington, D.C., for the 2014 AADA Legislative Conference and to present a united voice to Congress about most pressing issues affecting dermatology and its patients. 

Participants held 180 meetings with members of Congress and their staff, representing 32 states, to discuss efforts to preserve patients access to the full range of care by dermatologists by ensuring that Medicare Advantage networks are providing patients with adequate and timely access to providers with appropriate training and specialty and sub-specialty expertise, to promotes the importance of medical research, and to raise the awareness about skin cancer prevention and the dangers of indoor tanning.

New York delegation preparing for their Capitol Hill meetings in front of the United States Capitol

Richard Winklemann, DO, Neal Varughese, MD, Anthony Rossi, MD, Jessica Krant, MD, Mark Kaufmann, MD, Marc Brown, MD, and Mark Lebwohl, MD

Kansas delegation meeting with Representative Lynn Jenkins (KS-02)

Frank Koranda, MD, Representative Jenkins, and Robert Durst, MD

Texas delegation meeting with Senator Ted Cruz (TX)

Mary Horner, MD, Adewole Adamson, MD, Holly Fritch, MD, Catherin Harrell, MD, Senator Cruz, Divya Srivastava, MD, Vineet Mishra, MD, Mahir Patel, MD, and Rebecca Euwer, MD

Members of the Tennessee delegation engaging with Representative Jim Cooper (TN-05)

Julie Countess, MD, Albert Kattine, MD, Brent Moody, MD, Adrian Rodriguez, MD, and Representative Cooper

Massachusetts delegation meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Daniel Sugai, MD, Senator Warren, and Shadi Kourosh, MD

Ohio delegation waiting to meet with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner (OH-8)

Louis Barich, MD, Kristi Schmitt Burr, Brett Coldirion, MD, Lana Long, MD, Tiffany Blair, and Elizabeth Kiracofe, MD

Members of the Pennsylvania delegation after their meeting with Representative Patrick Meehan (PA-07)

Bruce Brod, MD, Jean Pickford, Patrick Feehan, MD, and Barbara Mathes, MD

Indiana delegation meeting with Representative Todd Young (IN -09)

Carrie Davis, MD, Representative Young, and Aaron Gerstein, MD

Georgia delegation meeting with Representative Tom Price, MD (GA-06)

Alex Gross, MD, Sam Zavitz, and Representative Price

Maryland delegation meeting with Senator Benjamin Cardin (MD)

Andrew Lazar, MD, Deborah Englert, MD, Sara Brooks, MD, Senator Cardin, Jane Chew, MD, Kelley Redbord, MD, Jennifer Cooper, MD, and Charles Mitchell, MD

Members of the California delegation meeting with Representative Doris Matsui (CA-06)

Marc Yale, Ann Haas, MD, Representative Matsui, and John Geisse, MD


Conference agenda

Speaker presentations:

Whether or not you were able to attend the Conference, there are still more opportunities to get involved: Contact your member of Congress using the AADA Dermatology Advocacy Network and ask him or her to:
  1. Co-sponsor H.R. 4998/S. 2552, the Medicare Advantage Participant Bill of Rights Act of 2014
  2. Support HR 460, the Patients’ Access to Treatment Act
  3. Join the Congressional Skin Cancer Caucus
  4. Repeal and replace the sustainable growth rate formula
  5. Oppose Repeal of In-Office Ancillary Services Exception to the Stark Law

2013 Legislative Conference update

During the 2013 AADA Legislative Conference, dermatology’s advocates asked their members of Congress to co-sponsor HR 460, the Patients' Access to Treatments Act, join the Congressional Skin Cancer Caucus, and send a letter to the FDA in support of the proposed rule to reclassify indoor tanning devices. As a direct result of these grassroots efforts:

  • 48 members of Congress co-sponsored H.R. 460 (includes AADA’s grassroots efforts with the Coalition for Accessible Treatments’ member organizations)
  • 15 members of Congress joined the Congressional Skin Cancer Caucus
  • 4 members of Congress sent a letter to the FDA in support of indoor tanning device reclassification