Mentor guidelines

Getting started with your mentee

  1. Be sure that you know how to contact each other (via email, telephone, fax, etc.). 
  2. Introduce yourself in person or by phone, or by a brief letter or email within five to seven business days of receipt of your mentee assignment. Arrange a convenient time to speak; suggest and elicit potential topics. Agree on boundaries (practical and ethical), confidentiality and a no-fault termination. Learn more about what a no-fault termination entails.
  3. Exchange curricula vitae (CV) prior to the first meeting so you already know pertinent professional information. 
  4. Set aside about an hour for the first meeting with your mentee. Use this hour to learn about other aspects of your mentee’s life. Share core values, interests or hobbies. The following examples are vignettes that can help you determine a person’s core values. 
  5. Discuss your expectations and your needs with your mentee. Devise a meeting schedule and plan to meet at least monthly with your mentee. Work with your mentee on short- and long-term goals for the relationship.

Basics for mentors

During your mentor meetings, be sure to:

  1. Review the notes and action items from the last meeting.
  2. Discuss any successes or challenges that the mentee has experienced since the last meeting.
  3. Be an active listener.
  4. When possible, share personal experiences or challenges as they relate to the mentee’s experiences.
  5. Continue to review the goals as established in the beginning of the relationship.
  6. Briefly summarize the meeting and discuss action items for the next meeting.