Find a mentor

Looking for a mentor?

Do you wish to gain insight and learn about pitfalls from a dermatologist who has been where you are now? These opportunities can help provide you with what you are looking for:

  • The Academic Dermatology Leadership Program: Get advice and guidance from an experienced dermatologist who has established a career in academics.
  • JAAD Editorial Mentorship Program: This new mentor program is designed for the young physician interested in developing critical appraisal and editorial skills.
  • Sharing Mentoring Experiences Breakfast: Have one-on-one conversations with various established dermatologists who can provide you with lessons learned throughout their careers.
    Save the date! The 2014 Sharing Mentoring Experiences Breakfast is Friday, March 21 at the Annual Meeting in Denver, Colo.
  • The Diversity Mentorship Program: This program is for medical students who are underrepresented in medicine who want to gain an understanding of the specialty through the eyes of a practicing dermatologist.
"Sometimes the road may be bumpy and have unexpected turns, but the high road is the one that will in the end help you get to where you need to be."
— Margaret E. Parsons, MD, FAAD