Mohs Surgery Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) app

Skin cancer type

The Mohs Surgery AUC App allows you to select the skin cancer type to begin the process of determining appropriateness.


The app provides easy identification of AUC body areas H, M, and L.

Rating profile

The app quickly provides a final AUC rating profile, as shown here.


There are many considerations when determining whether to use Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer, such as the cancer type, location, and whether it is new or recurring, as well as the health profile of the patient.

With the AAD’s new Mohs Surgery Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) App, you can easily and systematically determine when Mohs surgery is most appropriate for your patients from your mobile Apple device, right at the point of care.

This app will help you seamlessly implement the Mohs surgery AUC into your practice.

Highlights of this free app include:

  • Decision support on the appropriateness of Mohs surgery for 270 unique scenarios.
  • Guided navigation through tumor and patient characteristics.
  • Color-coded body maps for high-, medium-, and low-risk areas.
  • Supplemental clinical algorithms.
  • Quick reference guide that can be shared with referring physicians and patients.

Whether you are a Mohs surgeon, a general dermatologist, or other referring physician, this free app will help you seamlessly implement the AUC into your practice.

Download the app to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad today!