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The Advisory Board’s (AB) mission is to protect, promote and preserve the interests of the individual practitioner of dermatology by providing a forum for Academy members to present policy proposals for consideration by the Academy’s Board of Directors.  The leadership of the AB has worked to strengthen its outreach to the members of the Advisory Board through increased communication, solicitation of feedback on important key issues such as the Academy’s role in influencing health system reforms, and the provision of opportunities to participate in discussion forums around key policy issues.  This online portal allows representatives to communicate, track status of resolutions, access documentation and view important AAD/A updates related to the Advisory Board. I invite you to visit our site often and encourage you to send us comments and suggestions.

Representatives to the Advisory Board are intended to serve as an important communications, policy and membership link between the Academy and the regional, state and local dermatologic societies.  The Advisory Board Executive Committee worked to increase the visibility of Advisory Board representatives within their respective societies by developing a one-page document for the dermatologic societies that highlights the value of their participation in the Advisory Board, and outlines ways to strengthen communications with their AB representatives; click here to read the one-pager.

To follow the Academy's advocacy efforts at the federal and state level, please visit the AADA website.

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Dr Robert Dursk, MD FAAD

Robert Durst, MD, FAAD
Advisory Board Chairman

Advisory Board Resolution

Do you approve the Advisory Board resolution, “Mandating the use of the term "surgical" instead of the term "procedural" in all AAD communications, educational materials, and meetings?”


"Total voters : 1"

Important Dates

AAD 75th Annual Meeting 
March 1-5, 2013 
Miami Beach, FL

Advisory Board Reference Committee Meeting 
Friday, March 1, 2013 
2:00 - 4:00 PM EST

Advisory Board General Business Meeting
Sunday, March 3, 2013
2:30 - 5:30 PM EST

For more information, please visit the AAD Annual Meeting website

Chair Announcements

Recently, the Board of Directors approved  a change to the Advisory Board Organizational and Operational Guidelines at its Summer Academy Meeting in Boston. I wanted to inform you of this change so that you may disseminate the updated document to your society.

Read the revised AB Guidelines.

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